Cielito Lindo Mexican Cuisine in Medford, Oregon


If you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican food, consider visiting Cielito Lindo Mexican Cuisine in Medford, Massachusetts. The family-owned business has been serving Medford since November 2017. You can order a variety of authentic Mexican favorites from their menu.

You can order food from Cielito Lindo Mexican Cuisine online or use Uber Eats to deliver it home. The app allows you to choose what you want, add it to your cart, and track your order. Then you can pick up your food or deliver it to your home or office.

The menu changes periodically, so the prices and item descriptions are subject to change. Before ordering, call the restaurant to verify the current menu. You can also check their Facebook page for the latest specials and deals. The restaurant is family owned and operated, so it may be a good idea to order in advance.

Delivery fees

If you are craving a Mexican meal in Medford, Oregon, you can find a delicious one at Cielito Lindo Mexican Cuisine. This family-owned business has been serving the community since November 2017. The restaurant is located in Medford, Oregon.

You can order from Cielito Lindo Mexican Cuisine online or through their mobile app. Using the app, you can browse the menu, add items to your cart, and track your order. You can also use Postmates to have your food delivered to your home.

The restaurant offers delivery services to nearby neighborhoods and nearby locations. They can deliver to addresses in Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas. The West O location offers delivery services between 9 am and 11 pm, while the 16th and Q Streer locations provide delivery service around the clock.

Family history

A new food truck at the Gill-Turners Falls town line serves homemade Mexican staples. Located in a food truck that used to be Ken’s Roadside Diner, it offers outdoor seating with picnic tables and plans to add delivery within the next few weeks. The menu consists of classic Mexican dishes, and the staff makes all the ingredients. The tortilla rolls are even made daily.

Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant opened its doors in 2001. Owner Juan Gascon began his culinary career early when he decided to cook. He started in Orcutt, California, and got his first cooking job. After five years of working in local restaurants, he decided to venture into the restaurant business. Today, the restaurant is managed by Roxana Alvarez.

The name of this restaurant came from a famous mariachi song. The original song Cielito Lindo referred to a mountain range in Mexico known as the Sierra Morena. Back then, people were afraid to travel through the mountains because they were infested with bandits. This era inspired the song’s first verse, which was later romanticized. Its lyrics contain phrases such as “face” and “eyes” that evoke the Sierra Morena.

As the story goes, the original taquito recipe has been in the family for 80 years. Since then, its taquito recipe has remained unchanged. The taquitos are a staple on the menu and are served with guacamole sauce. As the family’s legacy continues, Cielito Lindo thrives in its downtown renaissance and attracts a broader audience to discover and appreciate Mexican culinary traditions.

Vegetarian options

If you’re looking for a local Mexican restaurant in Medford, consider Cielito Lindo Mexican Cuisine. Owned by a Medford family, Cielito Lindo has been serving the area since November 2017. This family-run business serves various authentic Mexican dishes, including many vegetarian choices.

Cielito Lindo Mexican Cuisine is located in the Cedar Park shopping center and is managed by Roxana Alvarez, the sister of Antonio Alvarez, the original owner. Antonio Alvarez’s favorite Spanish folk song inspired the name. The restaurant decor includes family history and a map of Guadalajara, where Alvarez grew up.

Cielito Lindo serves various food, including breakfast burritos, Guanajuato-style enchiladas, and tortas, smaller versions of full-sized tacos. The ambiance is comfortable, and the service is friendly.

Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant offers authentic Mexican meals at reasonable prices. They also have catering services available for events. Some of their menu items include meatball soup, crispy Shredded beef tacos, and cheese taquitos. The menu also consists of a salad bar.

Cielito Lindo offers a gluten-free and vegetarian menu. The food is made from scratch with natural ingredients. The staff is happy to accommodate those with special dietary needs. In addition to serving gluten-free and vegetarian options, the restaurant offers a variety of other vegan and vegetarian dishes. Local artists and visitors decorate the interior. Guests are welcome to bring their alcohol.

Gluten-free options

Cielito Lindo Mexican Cuisine in Medford is a new addition to the Medford area. The family-owned restaurant has been serving Medford residents since November 2017. The restaurant offers a variety of gluten-free options for customers who are sensitive to gluten.

This authentic Mexican restaurant focuses on using fresh, natural ingredients. The chef prepares everything from scratch. Staff is happy to do so for those who require substitutions or alternative preparations. The menu features gluten-free and vegetarian options. The restaurant also welcomes guests to bring their alcohol.

In addition to offering gluten-free options, Cielito Lindo offers low-fat and low-calorie fare. The restaurant’s atmosphere and menu are also family-friendly. Gluten-free customers can enjoy this family-run establishment’s delicious dishes and excellent service.

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