La Cava Fine Mexican Cuisine

If you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican food, check out La Cava. This casual spot sits in a small building with wrought iron chandeliers and stone walls. It also has a stocked bar with dozens of fine tequilas. Though its menu isn’t particularly original, it has some familiar dishes, such as table-side guacamole and a house margarita. The guacamole is made with avocados from California, and the margarita is made with freshly squeezed limes.

Menu items

If you are interested in enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine, La Cava is worth a visit. The restaurant’s menu focuses on fresh, natural ingredients. The staff is friendly, and the food is delicious. The restaurant also offers wine and tequila. A weekly degustation dinner is provided Friday and Saturday evenings. The menu highlights the flavors of Mexico in innovative ways. You should reserve a table for one of these evenings to enjoy the whole experience.

The restaurant makes its tortillas from scratch in-house. They also use local ingredients to prepare the food. Customers can also try a build-your-own-taco option for an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant also takes its social responsibility seriously, donating a portion of its profits to various environmental charities. Most people associate Mexican food with a casual environment, but this fine-dining experience brings an entirely different vibe to the dining experience.


La Cava Fine Mexican Cuisine offers delicious Mexican dishes prepared from natural ingredients. Its staff is friendly, and its menu is varied and fresh. It also serves various drinks, including margaritas, tequila, and wine. Its prices are reasonable, and the ambiance is calm.

Delivery options

La Cava Fine Mexican Cuisine offers a wide variety of authentic Mexican dishes. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, natural ingredients to prepare delicious meals. The restaurant’s friendly staff and good service make this an excellent choice for dining out. The prices are reasonable, and the food is both tasty and well-prepared. The decor is attractive, and the atmosphere is soothing.

Native dishes

The menu at La Cava features a variety of native Mexican dishes. This restaurant’s proprietor is originally from Sonora, and the menu changes regularly to reflect local influences. Owner Patricia Castrejon has an extensive repertoire of recipes from Sonora and prepares the menu based on these traditions.

The staff is amiable, and the food is delicious. The prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is relaxed and beautiful. La Cava also serves a great variety of fine tequilas and margaritas. You can also order a horchata, which is a delicious, creamy drink.

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